Our forensic investigators will work with you to determine your specific needs in order to better determine what data will be relevant for your case. Almost anything that was once on the hard drive can be recovered as long as it has not been overwritten. With a library of tools at our finger tips we can retrieve all kinds of data from almost any device.

Depending on our findings and your specific needs, we will deliver all recovered data on either a USB or HDD. At your request a forensic report will be written up detailing the evidence and how it was found. If there is evidence of spoliation or any other activity which is important to the case it will also be noted in the report. 




Browsing History

Dates and times of searches can be recovered along with websites visited even after the browsing history has been cleared. Detailed reports will show you how frequently a user visited web pages of interest to give you a better idea of their web usage.

Pictures / Videos

Not only can images/video's stored on the device be recovered but it is also possible to recover images that were viewed in web browser's on the device. Recover media from all types of devices such as cell phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and more.

Email and attachments can be recovered for your investigative needs. Whether stored locally in a client such as Outlook/Thunderbird or in the cloud like Gmail/Yahoo we can retrieve and de-duplicate emails in order to present them to you in a detailed report.


Anything that has been saved and deleted on a computer can be brought back in the right circumstances, documents are no exception. You can retrieve Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and almost every other type of file type. In addition to this you can search the contents of every document using key word searches. 

Cellphones are just like any other computer and can have deleted portions of the HDD recovered. This includes text messages, call history, images, videos, browsing history, app downloads, and much more.

Cellphone Texts / Calls / Media
Social Media

A detailed report will show you messages sent and images viewed on social media such as Facebook. You can also learn the frequency including dates and times that social media was accessed on a device.

And Much More

Remember, Digital Forensics is the process of recovering and analyzing deleted portions of computing devices. That means almost anything can be recovered if it was once on a device and has not been overwritten. Just because it is not listed on this page does not mean we can not recover it. If you do not see what you are looking for on this list feel free to contact us and ask. 

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