Plaintiff's attorney drops case after
reviewing forensic report

An attorney for a plaintiff who was suing her boss for using profane language in her presence dropped the case after reviewing the eForensix findings.  The case started with a few bad words and ended up in 18 months of litigation and over 50,000 in legal bills for the defendant.  However, weeks before the settlement the plaintiff’s attorney leaves their firm for a new career and the case is transferred to a new attorney to settle. 


The new attorney had many successful cases with eForensix so she was not about to settle any case without a forensic report on the plaintiff’s work computer.  When she inquired she learned that a forensic analysis was never conducted on her work computer.  She ordered that the computer be located and placed into the custody of eForensix. 

The computer which had been used daily for the full 18 months was located and given to eForensix.  The forensic analysis recovered full messages belonging to the woman’s hotmail account which she was accessing from her work computer.  The messages were so profane and disgusting that when provided to the plaintiff’s attorney, he dropped the case.  The plaintiff attempted to push the case forward by compelling her attorney but the courts recused the attorney from the case.  The plaintiff later ended up abandoning her case. 

eForensix services help settle
non-compete case

Attorneys for the plaintiff in a non-compete case utilized the eForensix services to recover e-mail that was used to settle the case.  The defendant was a subcontractor who by written and signed agreement could not bid against the company who had hired him for this project. 

However, when the company lost the second phase of the project they discovered it was awarded to the subcontractor who they had hired to work on phase one.  The plaintiff filed a lawsuit against the subcontractor and proceeded with discovery and requested the defendants e-mail regarding the project.  However, the subcontractor told attorneys that he does not have an email account and never submitted a proposal to bid against them for a project they lost to their subcontractor. 

eForensix worked closely with the attorneys and recovered hundreds of pages of email and most of which were “smoking guns” in the case.  eForensix not only recovered the initial proposal the defendant submitted in the case but also recovered an additional proposal the defendant won and completed, which added to the additional revenues recovered by the plaintiff.  It was a perfect example of great attorneys working with experts to win cases. 

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